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To the outside we go….

DSC01309DSC01310We don’t necessarily have a lot going on out side, but it’s still worth checking out.

Who doesn’t love a giant red wall… heh… It’s quite possible that may get painted at some point and perhaps even have our main logo slapped on the back of it.

Back on the front, you can see a section of the awning has been removed and the front window is missing.  This was all in preparation for the concrete work that will be happening soon.  All of the action will be coming right through that window!





DSC01312DSC01313  Here you can see the source of inspiration for what became the arch in the Franklin Street Brewing Company logo.


You can also see the date in which the 2nd floor of our building was added on.  1879.  It’s our understanding that the first floor was built in 1875, which, as far as we know, would make our building the oldest building in Iowa with a brewery in it, once we open.   …. And probably also the only brewery in the state (perhaps even the country?) with an active Masonic Temple located inside it’s walls.  How about that…..

And across the street, you can see the great park along the river where the future white water park will be.  We can’t wait for that!!  What a combination!










Here’s what will be part of the kayak run right across the street from the brewery…..


And this? This is an interesting tree….. Shhhhhh!








DSC01324DSC01325Here are a few more shots from in and around the park across the street.  What a great thing to have by the brewery!








A few more shots further down stream…..


I really like this one looking back at the brewery. It kind of reminds me of historic downtown Philadelphia.






So yea…. there will be a lot of fun things to do, even when you aren’t relaxing with a cold Franklin Street beer in your hand.



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