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So it begins….

It’s American Craft Beer week (May 13-17) so it’s only fitting we’re starting the renovations on our brewery. From time to time, we’ll blog about the highlights of our travels to opening day. Now seemed like as good as time as any!

We purchased the historic Masonic Lodge building last November, as you know, and we’ve been itching to get started. Now that Don’s Hardware has move to his new location, we jumped right in last weekend in the “deconstruction” phase of renovations. Our plans include bringing the building back to its original character: exposed brick walls, grand 13 foot ceilings, and beautiful hardwood floors. In order to do that, Kyle and I (and Mom and Dad, Kandy and Reya and Aunt Deb – thank you all so much!) rolled up our collective sleeves and went to work.



The building is split into two parts with a wall running down the center. Here’s the north side and the south side:








Eventually the center wall will come out to open up the area. But this weekend consisted of ripping off the plaster that covered up the brick walls, tearing down the drop ceiling and, generally making a mess of things. But as they say, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Here are a couple action shots of Kyle and I breaking some eggs:




The exposed brick walls look fantastic. Once it’s sandblasted down and shored up in a couple places, it will REALLY look sharp.


Kandy spent most of the weekend tearing out the drop ceiling and track holding it up. That really opened up the two sides of the building. Reya got into the action by ripping out the massive amounts of peg board hanging throughout the place.

Mom and Dad spent countless hours picking up our mess and bringing it out to the dumpster. Aunt Deb also spent countless hours cleaning the lone toilet in the basement, much to everyone’s relief. It’s our “prison” toilet as it sits right out there in the open downstairs. Fear not, as we’ll be installing nice, enclosed bathrooms on the first floor!

By the end of the weekend we filled up a ginormus dumpster.

Thanks to everyone that pitched in to help us deconstruct! There’s still a lot left to tear out, but we couldn’t have done what we did without all your help! We thank you!

Also, it was really cool to have people stop in throughout the weekend, just to see what was going on. It seems people are almost as excited as Kyle and I about this brewery! We thank you for your support and excitement.

By Sunday night we were all crazy tired and sore. But, as our Friends from 515 Brewing Company said, “gotta keep your eyes on the prize.” True words, indeed. It’s all for the beer. This is gonna be great!


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