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And the work continues….

Wow. It’s hard to believe the transformation our building has taken in only three weeks. It started when Don moved his hardware store up the street and we were left with the daunting task of removing plaster from nearly every surface in the place, tearing down drop ceilings and removing 50+ years of stuff from the basement. A seemingly impossible task, but we were up for it!



<– Where do we begin?

Prepping for plaster removal –>







Coming right along!

This weekend was the biggest change yet. Kyle and I were able to rip out all the remaining ceiling plaster and lath, leaving beautiful exposed beams holding up the second floor. That was a messy job.





Tempering the mess, Kyle found – not one, but two! – Seagrams 7 bottles hidden up in the rafters. Sadly, they were empty. Yet, it proved that this building was meant to be a drinking establishment!





But the real work this weekend happened on Saturday. We had 18 friends and family volunteer that day to help us along. And help us they did. Uncle Kevin tore out all the old duct work in the basement. Aunts Deb and Pam, along with Mom, (brother in-law) Rob, (friend) Chris, (nephew) Andrew and (daughter) Reya made quick work of the plaster on the north wall, exposing a fantastic wall of brick that will complement our bar beautifully.



<– Proof that someone did actually take a break. But, who was it?  The world may never know…


Kandy’s brother, Cory, and his kids Spencer and Elise, as well as his father in-law, Bob, brought an extra-large trailer to haul away the copious amounts of scrap metal that we were able bring out of the building for recycling.

Dad, Kandy and her sister, Kim, and her daughter, Mikayla, made quick work of the basement. There were literally 50+ years of stuff that have accumulated during that time – all of it needing to be brought up and out of the building. We had a local antique person come through and buy a few things and a couple other people bought some more things. It was nice that everything wasn’t just going to the landfill.

Thanks so much for everyone’s help! We could NOT have done it without you.

We’d estimate we’re about 98.4% done with the deconstruction phase. There’s just a few more items to bring up from the basement – our crew easily could’ve handled that this weekend, but they were so good, they filled our ginormous dumpster so fast, we’ll have to wait for the next one to get the rest.




Oh, and we even have our first sign in the window.





We’re about ready to turn our contractor, Wade, loose and watch the building really transform!


Stay tuned…


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