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Long time no blog…..

Hey Gang! Long time no blog. We’ve truly been busy getting the brewery in order and ready to brew – and we’ve been keeping our growing Facebook community updated – but after looking at our website the other day and seeing that the last blog was in July of 2013, a new blog post was in order!

The last few months have been crazy awesome with construction and renovations winding down and brewery equipment ramping up. On one of the coldest days of one of the coldest winters in memory, we had our serving tanks and fermenters delivered to the brewery.


What a great day! Sure it was cold, but no one seemed to notice with the growing anticipation as the large semi rolled through Franklin Street and turned on to Delaware Street with our 12 serving tanks and fermenters.  Although they were about 2 months delayed, it was great seeing them loaded into the brewery.


Once situated in their final resting place, the cleaning process began. During the fabrication of the tanks, grease, machining oils and filth-muck (that’s a technical term for, well, filthy muck) coated their insides. This all had to be cleaned away to make a nice, clean, happy home for the beer.


cleaningFirst came the scrubbing with a degreaser. Then came a caustic bath and finally a citric acid bath. In most cases, it took a couple caustic baths and even more citric baths (and in some cases even more manual scrubbing) to get the tanks totally clean. Here’s brewer Kyle looking over the tanks during one of their citric acid baths:




Also since our last blog, we’ve hired employees to help bring you our locally handcrafted ale. Our first hire was Shane Knipper, a Manchester native and craft beer enthusiast. Shane’s knowledge and love of craft beer will be an awesome addition behind the bar. Not sure if you’ll like the stout or the pale ale? Shane will be there every night to help you decide what Franklin Street beer to try. He currently works at a craft beer bar in Idaho – Bier Thirty. He’s also studying to become Cicerone Certified. That means he’s truly a beer expert. We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team!

We were also lucky enough to add two other bartenders, Phil Klein and Cathy Cook. Phil’s knowledge of craft beer is fantastic. He’s also been quick to lend a hand while we’ve been cleaning our serving tanks and seems to always have a new beer for us to try. Cathy, a local Manchester resident, is new to the craft beer scene, but will help out on the weekends in bringing you our beer. She’s excited to be part of our team. And we’re excited to have them all!

Here’s a shot of their “office”  space:


Wade and the Crew did a fantastic job putting the bar area together. Surely, a fantastic addition to Manchester’s burgeoning night life!  The bricks on the bar were reclaimed from the building’s center wall that came down. Some of the trim on the bar and the cabinets were reclaimed wood from the shelves in the basement.










The coming weeks will see us finalizing the cleaning of the tanks and begin to put this baby into action:


That, of course, is our brew system where we’ll be making all our beer. That time is almost upon us! One of the questions we are asked the most, is when are we opening? Due to the nature of the brewing business, that date is sort of a moving target. We’ll know more, of course, after our first few batches, but we want to have all nine serving tanks full of quality Franklin Street beer when we open. So, we’re not going to rush this process – we certainly don’t want the beer to suffer. But, we do want to be open as much as everyone! Right now, based on our potential brew schedule, we’re anticipating a mid-May opening. ‘Course, if it’s earlier than that, we wouldn’t be upset.


So, in the coming months, we’ll be brewing beers with the name of Big Frank, Milepost and Devil’s Backbone Stout among many others. We absolutely can’t wait to bring them to you!


Until next time,



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