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Don't Fear The Hop!

Beer 101

How is an India Pale Ale different than a Pale Ale? What makes a Pilsner a Pilsner? We will talk about all of the differences in various styles of beer as well as what makes it more than just a beer. However, for the moment we’re busy working on the building, but we will be getting back to this before too long…



A few definitions to get things started…

ABV = Alcohol % by Volume

IBU = International Bitterness Units (scale of 1 to 100+ … indicates hop bitterness: higher number = more bitter)

SRM = Standard Reference Method (scale of 1 to 40 … indicates range of beer color: higher number = darker beer) 

Side note here:  When it comes to liking or not liking “dark” beers, don’t forget, dark is a color, not a flavor.





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