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A quick tour of the area

Hi gang…. There’s been a lot going on since we last posted so we thought it was time to show some more pictures…. Lets start on the inside.


Previously when Don’s Hardware was in the building, he used both sides of the building, but a long time before that, there used to be a grocery store on one side, and a hardware store on the other. Our plans are to open up the front and combine the two side, so here you can see what are actually temporary walls that are being used to hold up the second floor while the center wall is taken out and replaced with a giant beam.  This will really help open up the front seating area quite a lot.





This area here is where the cold room will be that will house the tanks that the beer is served from.  The floor had to come out so 3 concrete walls can be added in the basement to hold up what will be the new poured concrete floor.  You can see the 3 rows in the basement floor there where the new footings will go.  This is all being done due to the crazy amount of weight that will be sitting inside of the cold room.  The old floor just would not have been able to support it all.





Old stairs………..  New stairs……..  Nice…. I’ll bet a doughnut we don’t hit our head going down the new ones… :-)    Thanks Wade!!








We have what could very well be one of the more more interesting toilets in the history of toilets hiding away in our building.  And as a clue to how interesting it is, this one here doesn’t hold a candle to it… More on that as time goes by….


Here are some more temporary walls down in the basement…. errrrr… dungeon.  We’re not really sure where that goes….







Oh look….. the forms for the supporting walls for the cold room are up.  Keep an eye out for cement trucks in the area as they will probably be pouring that here soon!!







Some more shots of the forms.  It will make a great couple of rooms in the basement for what might work for barrel storage or some other form of extended aging program.  That will be fun to play around with….. you know…. when we have nothing to do….






Are you sure this place was not previously some sort of drinking establishment?  We’re not entirely convinced that it wasn’t….


You know…. Because you just never know when you might need a banana.





Here’s a few shots from the way back of the building.  You can see the big center wall that will have a large chunk of it removed.








You have probably already seen these walls, but they are just so cool with the exposed brick that they have to make another appearance.









Look at those beams… speaking of cool… the original plan was the have an old tin ceiling, but after removing the plaster….. wow… We’re thinking about leaving the old beams exposed as well.  Clean them up a little and seal them up, and pow… instant history…


Oh look….. The home of the future white water park can be seen right out the window…. And speaking of out the window, let’s wrap up the inside tour here, and head out side!!

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