FSBC gets GOLD for being GREEN

Green is good!

Well this is pretty cool…. We got the first in the state GOLD certification as being a green brewery from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center.  We’re pretty proud of that.  We got a little newsy love from KCRG here as well because of it. You can see a little more about our “greenness” on our Sustainability section.

The amazing crowler cart

The amazing crowler cart has arrived.  We’re just waiting on the actual crowler now to bolt on top of that sucker.  Oh, right… and the cans too, but it’s getting closer!  The crowler should be in friday, so then it will just be the cans we’re waiting on.  Soon you will be able to take Franklin Street Brewing Company beer with you almost anyway.  How cool is that? Seriously…. Be sure to tell your favorite beertender how cool that will be.















Visiting friends at Svijany

Since we were in the neighborhood, we had to stop in and see our friends at Pivovar Svijany. They really rolled out the red carpet for Franklin Street. A big thanks to David and Martin for hanging out with us for the day and showing us around. It was indeed a great day. If they ever want to do an India Pale Lager, I’ll be on the next plane back!

Here’s a little picture tour of parts of the day… Enjoy!

(P.S. David, Next time the scouts need another truck loaded, give us a call… We’ll be there!  Either way, we’ll see you guys next time we’re in town, for sure.)